About Somasfit®

Somasfit® is one of the leading Professional Martial Arts academy and Combat Fitness Academy.
Somasfit® providing various trainings on Martial Arts services (like Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, MMA self defense) and fitness services (like Weight Loss, Body Toning, Flexibility, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Endurance programs).

Somasfit® Classes is for all age groups (men, women & Children) and taught by friendly and qualified instructors based on our principles of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

Somasfit® Offering Personal Training, Special Group Training, Corporate Training, Celebrity Training, Home and Apartment Training, Outdoor Training etc.

The Main Aim of Somasfit® academy is to Make Students Physically fit, mentally Strong & get Dynamic Self defense according to international standards.

Manikonda Location

Sree Nilayam, 2nd Floor,

#205, Above Sampoorna Super Market, Opposite to SR Digi School, Near Harivillu, Manikonda, Hyderabad - 500089.
Phone: 09885312564.

Gachibowli Location

Roofer Hyderabad, 3rd Floor,

Above Cloud Fitness Gym, Opposite Platina, Anjaiah Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032.
Phone: 09885312564.

Master Vijay Kumar Soma

Head Coach & Founder

Master Vijay Soma– Over 20 years’ experience and International Certified Master who got passion in Taekwondo, Karate & Kickboxing and all other Martial arts & fitness activities.
Master trained all ages men, women, celebrities & children as per their requirement on Personal, Group, Corporate Training and Celebrity Training.

Martial arts Achievements

• 5th Dan International Black Belt in World TAEKWONDO Federation- Kukkiwon, South Korea.
• Master Licensed & Certified International Kukkiwon Taekwondo Master – Kukkiwon, Korea.
• Certified International Hanmadang Referee – Kukkiwon, Korea.
• Certified CLASS-P National Referee In Taekwondo Federation of India.
• “Approved Taekwondo Master License” Issued by Taekwondo Federation Of India.
• 5th Dan Black Belt in KICKBOXING International –IAKO.
• 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate BUDOKAN International –IBKO.

Advance Training under Grand Masters

• Completed World Taekwondo Asia Coach Licence Kyorugi (Fighting) Training in 2019 Under “Korean” Grand Master "Kyu Seok Lee" Black belt 10th dan, WTF-Korea.
• Practiced World Hapkido Special Hoshin sul(Self Defense) Training in 2017 Under “Korean” Grand Master "Jae Ho Lee" Black belt 7th dan, WHF-Korea.
• Completed Taekwondo Special Poomsae(Patterns) & Hoshin sul(Self Defense) Training in 2014 Under “Korean” World Best Grand Master “InSik Hwang” 10th Dan, WTF-Korea.
• Completed Taekwondo International Hanmadang Referee Course in 2014 Under “Korean” Grand Masters “InSik Hwang” and “MunHui Song”, WTF-Korea.
• Practiced Taekwondo Special Kyorugi(Sparring)& Kyopka(Breaking) Training in 2014 Under “Korean” Grand Master “MunHui Song” 7th Dan, WTF- Korea.
• Completed International Taekwondo Master COurse Licence in 2014 Under “Kukkiwon” World Taekwondo Headquerters-South Korea.
• Completed Taekwondo Federation of INDIA National Referee Course in 2013 Under “Singapore” Grand Master “Darren Lee” 7th Dan.
• Completed Kickboxing Fighting Advanced Techniques in 2012 Under "Indian" Grand master " SS Harichandan" 8th Dan.
• Completed Taekwondo Poomsae & Kyorugi Advanced Techniques in 2010 Under “Korean” Grand master “Seong Sung” 8th Dan.

Somasfit Team

Vijay Kumar Soma

Black Belt 5th Degree,
International Master & Examiner,
Founder of Somasfit.

A. Raja

Black Belt 4th Degree,
International Master & Examiner.

Sushant Kumar Dev

Black Belt 3rd Degree,
Senior Instructor & Examiner.

G. Subbarao

Black Belt 3rd Degree,
Senior Instructor & Examiner.

Azhar Shareef

Black Belt 3rd Degree,
Senior Instructor & Examiner.

Vishal Parmar

Black Belt 2nd Degree,
Senior Instructor & Examiner.