About Somasfit

World Class Academy

Somasfit is one of the leading Professional Martial Arts academy and Comabt Fitness Academy.
We are providing various trainings on Martial Arts services (like Kick Boxing, Boxing, Taekwondo, Hapkido self-defence) and fitness services (like Weight Loss, Body Toning, Flexibility, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Endurance programs).

Our Classes is for all age groups (men, women & Children) and taught by friendly and qualified instructors based on our principles of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility.

we are Offering Personal Training, Special Group Training, Corporate Training, Celebrity Training, Home and Apartment Training, Outdoor Training etc.

The Main Aim of Our academy is to Make Students Physically fit, mentally Strong & get Dynamic Self-defence according to international standards.

Manikonda Location

Sree Nilayam, 2nd Floor,

#205, Above Sampoorna Super Market, Opposite to SR Digi School, Near Harivillu, Manikonda, Hyderabad - 500089.
Phone: 09885312564.

Gachibowli Location

Roofer Hyderabad, 3rd Floor,

Above Cloud Fitness Gym, Opposite Platina, Anjaiah Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032.
Phone: 09885312564.

About Founder & Head Coach

Head Coach & Founder

Master Vijay Soma

Over 20 years’ of experience and International Certified Master who got passion in Kick Boxing, Taekwondo and all other Martial arts & fitness activities.
Master trained all ages men, women, celebrities & children as per their requirement on Personal, Group, Corporate Training and Celebrity Training.

Martial arts Achievements

• 5th Dan International Black Belt in World TAEKWONDO Federation- Kukkiwon, South Korea.
• Master Licensed & Certified International Kukkiwon Taekwondo Master – Kukkiwon, Korea.
• Certified International Hanmadang Referee – Kukkiwon, Korea.
• Certified CLASS-P National Referee In Taekwondo Federation of India.
• “Approved Taekwondo Master License” Issued by Taekwondo Federation Of India.
• 5th Dan Black Belt in KICKBOXING International –IAKO.
• 5th Dan Black Belt in Karate BUDOKAN International –IBKO.

Advance Training under Grand Masters

• Completed Asian Taekwondo Union Kyorugi Advanced Training in 2019 Under “Korean” Grand Master "Kyu Seok Lee" President Of ATU Taekwondo.
• practised Hapkido Special Hoshin sul Training in 2017 Under “Korean” Grand Master "Jae Ho Lee" Black belt 7th dan.
• Completed Taekwondo Special Poomsae Training in 2014 Under “Korean” World Best Grand Master “InSik Hwang” 10th Dan.
• Completed Taekwondo International Hanmadang Referee Course in 2014 Under “Korean” Grand Master “MunHui Song” 7th Dan.
• Completed Taekwondo Special Kyorugi Training in 2014 Under “Korean” Grand Master “MunHui Song” 7th Dan.
• practised Taekwondo National Indian Referee Course in 2013 Under “Singapore” Grand Master “Darren Lee” 7th Dan.
• Completed Kickboxing Advance Techniques in 2012 Under "Indian" Grand master " SS Harichandan" 8th Dan.
• practised Taekwondo Advance Techniques in 2010 Under “Korean” Grand master “Seong Sung” 8th Dan.

Somasfit Team