It sounds like Somasfit is a comprehensive and versatile academy that offers a wide range of martial arts and fitness training programs. Here's a breakdown of the key features and offerings you mentioned:

1. Training Programs: Somasfit provides a variety of training programs to cater to different needs and preferences. These include Taekwondo Martial Arts, Fitness Kick Boxing, MMA self-defense, Weight Loss, Body Toning, Flexibility, Functional Training, Strength & Conditioning, Cardio & Endurance Training.

2. Instructors: The academy emphasizes the importance of qualified instructors who are friendly and knowledgeable. This ensures that students receive proper guidance and instruction in their chosen discipline.

3. Inclusive for All Ages: Somasfit's training classes are designed to be suitable for people of all age groups - men, women, and children. This inclusivity allows families and individuals to participate together.

4. Core Values: The principles of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility form the foundation of Somasfit's teachings. This values-based approach can create a positive and respectful learning environment.

5. Various Training Options: Somasfit offers a variety of training options to accommodate different preferences and schedules. These include Celebrity Training, Personal Training, Special Group Training, Corporate Training, Home and Apartment Training, and Outdoor Training.

6. Main Aim: The primary goal of Somasfit is to improve students' physical fitness and mental strength while imparting dynamic self-defense skills that meet international standards. This aligns with the academy's focus on holistic development.

Overall, Somasfit appears to be a well-rounded academy that not only offers physical training but also places importance on mental well-being and self-defense. This comprehensive approach can help individuals achieve their fitness and personal development goals in a supportive and professional environment.

#205, 2nd Floor, Sree Nilayam, Above Sampoorna Super Market,
Opposite to SR digi School, Near Harivillu,
Manikonda -500089.
09885312564 | somasfit@gmail.com

Master Vijay Soma
(Founder & Head of Somasfit)

– With over 25 years of experience , Master Vijay Soma is an internationally certified expert in Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Karate, and various other forms of martial arts and fitness activities. He possesses a genuine passion for these disciplines.
Throughout his career, Master Soma has successfully trained individuals of all ages, including men, women, celebrities, and children. He tailors his training programs to meet the specific needs and goals of his clients, offering personalized, group, corporate, and even celebrity training sessions.

Martial arts Achievements

• 5th Degree International Black Belt in World TAEKWONDO Federation- Kukkiwon, South Korea.
• Master Licensed & Certified International Kukkiwon Taekwondo Master – Kukkiwon, Korea.
• Certified Asian Taekwondo Kyorugi Licenced Coach – World Taekwondo.
• Certified International Hanmadang Referee – Kukkiwon, Korea.
• Certified CLASS-P National Referee In Taekwondo Federation of India.
• “Approved Taekwondo Master License” Issued by Taekwondo Federation Of India.
• 5th Degree Black Belt in KICKBOXING International
• 5th Degree Black Belt in Karate BUDOKAN International

• 3rd Degree Black Belt in World Association of KICKBOXING Organizations –W.A.K.O

Advance Training under Grand Masters

• Completed International Taekwondo Judge Course at South korea and Special Poomsae Training in 2022 Under “Kukkiwon" World Taekwondo Headquerters-Korea.
• Completed Taekwondo Special Poomsae Training in 2021 Under “Korean” Grand Master “Lee Wan Yong” 7th Dan, WTF-Korea.
• Completed World Taekwondo Asia Coach Licence Kyorugi (Fighting) Training in 2019 Under “Korean” Grand Master "Kyu Seok Lee" Black belt 9th dan, WTF-Korea.
• Practiced World Hapkido Special Hoshin sul(Self Defense) Training in 2017 Under “Korean” Grand Master "Jae Ho Lee" Black belt 7th dan, WHF-Korea.
• Completed Taekwondo Special Poomsae(Patterns) & Hoshin sul(Self Defense) Training in 2014 Under “Korean” World Best Grand Master “InSik Hwang” 9th Dan, WTF-Korea.
• Completed Taekwondo International Hanmadang Referee Course in 2014 Under “Korean” Grand Masters “InSik Hwang” and “MunHui Song”, WTF-Korea.
• Practiced Taekwondo Special Kyorugi(Sparring)& Kyopka(Breaking) Training in 2014 Under “Korean” Grand Master “MunHui Song” 7th Dan, WTF- Korea.
• Completed International Taekwondo Master COurse Licence in 2014 Under “Kukkiwon” World Taekwondo Headquerters-South Korea.
• Completed Taekwondo Federation of INDIA National Referee Course in 2013 Under “Singapore” Grand Master “Darren Lee” 7th Dan.
• Completed Kickboxing Fighting Advanced Techniques in 2012 Under "Indian" Grand master " SS Harichandan" 8th Dan.
• Completed Taekwondo Poomsae & Kyorugi Advanced Techniques in 2010 Under “Korean” Grand master “Seong Sung” 8th Dan.